VAASL Regional Conferences has ended
The On-Demand Regional Conferences period has ended. We look forward to seeing you in the fall in-person in Williamsburg for the Annual Confernece.

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Marci Klein

Booth 3DuxDesign
Greater New York City Area
At 3DuxDesign®, our mission is to unleash the imagination and inspire the creator in every child. Our award winning Architectural Modeling System and standards-aligned projects offer an engaging hands-on tool that blends the arts, design and hands-on creativity with traditional STEM learning. Join our live sessions and learn 5 Amazing ways to Blend Literacy with STEM education.
March 8 @ 10 amMarch 10 @ 9:15 amMarch 11 @10:05 amMarch 12 @ 10:15 amMarch 13 @10:10 |  March 23 @ 12:30 pm
Visit our booth to learn more about 3DuxDesign products and resources.
Live chat / demo on zoom https://zoom.us/j/92580424432?pwd=WTh2SXlFVllzK0ZENU9IUW1VNlk1QT09

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